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  • ASPBB: Version 0.5.6472.36633
  • ASPBB.Web: Version 0.40.6472.36636


  • Administrators can now modify password policies. ASPBB ships with three password policies:

    • "Custom", which is the default policy, with the default password configuration settings;
    • "ASPBB PRP-1", which is a policy that requires passwords to be at least 8 characters with two groups from "symbols", "letters" and "digits", or 18+ characters of any combination;
    • "ASPBB PRP-2", which is a highly-customized policy that requires 12+ characters, no more than 2 consecutive, repeated characters, no more than 3 adjacent, off-by-one digits, and must not contain any of a somewhat long list of words that are commonly used in very weak passwords;

Steps to Update:

Simply update the ASPBB.dll and ASPBB.Web.dll files.

Please submit any bug reports or other issues as normal.